There is no Truth where there is no love. Нет истины, где нет любви.

Alexander Pushkin
June 6, 1799 – Feb 10, 1837

Fundraising for a Pushkin Statue in London

“Realist figurative sculpture has the power to stop us in our tracks and make us reflect upon the human condition and our place in the world.” Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc

We are raising the necessary funds for The Pushkin Statue to create a long-lasting impressive and positive statue to become a much-loved part of London life and culture. This project comes under the aegis of UK-registered charity ‘Solidarity with Arts and Nature’ (SWAN).

SWAN is a British charity (Registration Number: 1181978) created to support Russian culture, conservation and alleviate poverty.

And long live the sunshine and vanished be dark! Да здравствует солнце, да скроется тьма!

Alongside the statue to Pushkin in London and in addition to the books, we plan videos, readings, concerts, theatrical events, and media appearances, in the future initially in the UK.

Culture is an ideal medium for supporting international friendship and understanding , and Pushkin is the genius we have chosen. The vision is to create in London a new and beautiful focus for positive creative romantic Russian-British friendship, a birthplace for new experiences. Pushkin’s young life saw him as a revolutionary, a rebel, a lover and a great writer – there is something there for everyone!

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The Sculpture Design – Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc

My motivation as a sculptor is to create a stunning sculpture that not only fulfils the vision of the Pushkin Sculpture Committee but one that will also be a ground-breaking work of art worthy of worldwide acclaim.

Following the publication of American poet Julian Lowenfeld’s highly acclaimed translation of Pushkin’s poetry into the English language and in the spirit of Anglo/Russian cultural exchange, the aim is to create a sculpture of Pushkin for London that will reveal the real beauty of Russian culture and its language to the rest of the world.

The Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is revered throughout Russia as Shakespeare is throughout the English-speaking Western world. For Russians, ‘Pushkin is our all’, verified by more than 500 statues to Pushkin throughout Russia. The Russian writers Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov – best known in the West – all acknowledged Pushkin as the creator of Russian literary language.

Here is showcased the initial maquette.

Three dimensional narrative

My style of sculpture is driven towards three-dimensional narrative: this sculpture is a story-telling drama depicting Alexander Pushkin in full poetic flow.

Burgeoning masterpiece

Having just written a new sonnet he stands astride a wave battered rock, reciting his burgeoning masterpiece to an imagined audience, with dripping quill in his right hand and his notebook in his left.

Intensely theatrical poetry

It is a dramatic moment of passion - capturing the spirit of Pushkin’s intensely theatrical poetry and evoking the joy, emotion and power of Russian verse at its zenith.

Pushkin’s cultural and literary importance

In celebration of Pushkin’s cultural and literary importance, poems in English and Russian will be set into the paving stones surrounding the fountain and perimeter. In doing so, the entire sculpture project will be integral in attracting art-lovers, tourists and the general public to be part of an exciting, pioneering Anglo-Russian experience.

This statue invites the viewer to become involved in the drama and emotion of Pushkin’s poetic legacy and to experience a passionate moment in time, where they can immerse themselves in the beauty of art and spend time enjoying the therapeutic sensory power of water.

Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc

Andrew is recognised as a master of world-class figurative sculpture. His superb sense of design and composition is renowned – he captures the essence of his subjects in every commission. His sculptures are unique in their highly skilled attention to detail. This aspect of his work makes them resonate with life, adding a quality of realism rarely seen in contemporary sculpture today.

  • Inspirational Design & Composition
  • A Compelling Story
  • Attention to Detail
  • Honest Reality
  • True Craftsmanship
  • Professional Installation & Project Management

Working to commission during his 25-year professional career, Andrew’s sculptures are in collections across the globe and his impressive catalogue of work graces distinguished historical properties and public places such as the Royal Box at Ascot and Crosby Hall (Sir Thomas More’s old palace) in London.

The Pushkin statue in London should be the long lasting physical product of the energy and creative positivity of thousands of enthusiasts.